Microarray Core Facility

Software for Microarray Data Analyses Available from the Core

GeneSpring Software

The Core has GeneSpring software installed on our Windows-XP workstaion. Users can import the Affymetrix, Illumina or Spotted array (GenePix) data to GeneSpring to perform data visualization, validation, normalization, analysis, and classification.

Illumina GenomeStudio Software

This is the software to pre-process, visualize and analyze the Illumina gene expression data.
The Core uses the GenomeStudio to analyze your data. If you want to use this software to analyze by yourself, we provide a 1-hour training session teaching you how to use it after you place an online order.

Ingenuity Pathway Aanalysis

Ingenuity Pathways Analysis is a web-based software application that enables biologists and bioinformaticians to identify the biological mechanisms, pathways and functions most relevant to their experimental datasets or genes of interest.To use IPA, you should buy an license from our web site.

Analyze your data to understand mechanism and function:
    - Analyze your microarray and proteomics data in the context of pathways
    - Compare changes in biological states across time and dosages

Partek Genomics Suite

Partek is a comprehensive suite of advanced statistics and interactive data visualization specifically designed to reliably extract biological signals from noisy data. The software is unique in supporting all microarray technologies including gene expression and genotyping data analysis.

Other Aanalsysis Tools