Microarray Core Facility

microRNA Service

Sample requirement: 1.5ug high quality total RNA (miRNA included in the total RNA, no miRNA enrichment is required).
Multiple Index: up to 48 Indexes.
Small RNA sequencing allows detection of all known content and novel sequences, including the length and sequence variations, or iso-mirs, seen in microRNAs. Discover novel miRNAs and other small non-coding RNAs. Investigate any small RNA between 17 to 35 nucleotides. We are using Illumina TruSeq small RNA sample prep kit for microRNA-Seq library preparation and could add up to 48 indexes to your libraries. The service includes adding adaptors, cDNA synthesis, size selection, amplification and QC. You will need to provide minimum 1.5ug of total RNA at good quality (Bioanalyzer RIN value higher than 7.0, Nano drop 260/280 above 1.8 and 260/230 above 1.0 at a concentration above 250 ng/ul) for each sample.