Microarray Core Facility

Multiplex Protein Biomarker Detection

Multiplex Protein Biomarker Detection Using Luminex Magpix Platform

Microarray Core facility is now providing Immunoassay Multiplex Analysis Using Luminex®Technology. With our newly acquired MAGPIX® system, we now can provide service for analyzing multiplexed cytokines and biomarkers in a single assay. Simply bring your samples (sera, supernatant, tissue, etc.) and we will run the assays and give you the quantitative data (pg/ml) of each cytokine or biomarker. The assays are developed based on the magnetic beads and have higher specificity, sensitivity and accuracy with lower cost. You can get the data as fast as 24 hours.
* Multiplex: detection of multiple protein biomarkers (up to 50) in one well
* Quantitative: the concentration of each protein in the sample will be calculated based on the standard curve.
* Sensitivity: as low as 1pg/ml
* Specificity: High specific with no cross reaction among different biomarkers.
* Flexibility: You can select different proteins to make a customized panel.
* Less sample input: as low as 50ul of sera
* Fast Processing: data will be generated within one day
* Low cost: significantly reduced cost compare with ELISA
To place order, select the protein assays from the list below. Contact us if the assay is not listed.