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Affymetrix GeneChip miRNA 3.0 Array

For a limited time (the promotion is ending on Jun 30, 2012), enjoy a $199 discount price on the NEW GeneChip® miRNA 3.0 Array
Comprehensive coverage – The only array to provide complete coverage of miRBase v17, snoRNA and scaRNA probes on the same array.
Unique design – The only array designed to independently interrogate pre-miRNA and mature miRNA in the same experiment.
Superior sensitivity – Detects 94% of miRNA transcripts at 1.0 amol.
High reproducibility – 0.95 reproducibility (inter- and intra-lot) .
Simple protocol – 45-minute assay without pre-amplification or purification steps
Low sample input – Requires as little as 130 ng total RNA

In-Campus Chip Price : $199.00  (price may vary for off-campus customers)
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$150.00 Affymetrix microRNA Array Full service from Total RNA
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