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AKT Pathway Total 7-Plex Magnetic Panel

The AKT Pathway Total 7-Plex Magnetic Panel for the Luminex® platform is specifically designed for quantifying the Total IR, IGF-1R, IRS-1, Akt, PRAS40, p70S6K, and GSK-3β in cell lysates and tissue homogenates. The antibodies used in this assay are human, mouse and rat cross-reactive. This kit has not been tested for multiplexing with other markers. Should user elect to multiplex this kit with other Luminex kits, the assay conditions should be determined empirically for each specific application. The panel employs magnetic beads, facilitating automation, decreasing hands-on time, and increasing throughput and precision. By measuring 7 analytes simultaneously, the Luminex® assay panel helps provide more data from each sample, saving both money and time compared to more traditional systems (such as ELISA) used in research.

100 tests per plate

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