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Human Exon 1.0 ST Array

Multiple probes per exon enable "exon-level" analysis and allow you to distinguish between different isoforms of a gene.
The second level is "gene-level" expression analysis, in which multiple probes on different exons are summarized into an expression value of all transcripts from the same gene.
Exon arrays provide the most comprehensive coverage of the genome, including empirically supported and predicted transcribed sequences, enabling the discovery of previously unidentified novel events.

Human Exon 1.0 ST Annotation
Note: Annotation Files are intended for use in automated analysis. Some are not compatible with all spreadsheet applications.

In-Campus Chip Price : $435.00  (price may vary for off-campus customers)
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Please select services from the following list:

In-Campus-Price Product
$500.00 Affymetrix Array Two-round Amplification Full Service
Unit price per sample. This service start from small amount of total RNA.
$200.00 Affymetrix cRNA Probe Labeling
cRNA probe labeling only.
$250.00 Affymetrix Exon/ST Array Full Service
Start from total RNA, including probe labeling, hybridization, wash, stain, scanning and data collection.
$100.00 Affymetrix Exon/ST array hybridization
This service start from cRNA, including hybridization, wash, stain, scanning and data collection.
$40.00 Affymetrix GX Chip Scanning
Affymetrix chip scanning only.
$40.00 RNA/DNA Quality Check --Bioanalyzer Chip
$40 per chip, can process up to 12 samples if samples are in the range of 50-500 ng/ul (Nano Bioanalyzer Chip). Samples below 50 ng/ul will use Pico Bioanalyzer chip which holds 11 samples”. You must also order the service to complete this order
$5.00 Sample Quality Check Using Bioanalyzer Service
$5 per sample. Please submit RNA samples in the concentration range of 15 to 500 ng/ul for use with the Nano chip. Samples for microarray should be in the nanogram range for concentration. Bioanalyzer only orders with RNA samples below 15 ng/ul may use the Pico chip. An RNA Integrity Number (RIN) greater than 8.0 should be sufficient for microarray experiment. The starting tissue or cells should be freshly harvested and immediately frozen (snap frozen) in liquid nitrogen. Keep the samples on dry ice or liquid nitrogen before submitting to prevent thawing. Freshly dissected tissues may also be kept in Ambion RNAlater solution at RT or 4C. You must order a Bioanalyzer chip also to complete your order!
$50.00 Total RNA Extraction
Trizol and Qiagen RNeasy kit have been used to extract high-quality of total RNA. This service includes quality and quantity check.
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