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illumina Whole-Genome DASL(R) Assay full service

illumina whole-genome DASL assay full service for 8 samples. Start from total RNA, including cRNA systhesis, amplification, labeling, hybridization, wash&stain, scanning and data collection. For detail information about the chip please click whole-genome DASL assay .

In-Campus Service Price : $1160.00  (contains 8 samples, price may vary for off-campus customers)
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$1350.00 Whole-Genome DASL(R) Assay
Whole-Genome DASL(cDNA-mediated annealing, selection, extension and ligation) Assay is for Expression Profilling in FFPE Samples. Each chip contains 8 samples (arrays). A highly sensitive, reproducible and cost-effective method for whole-genome expression profilling of low abundance and partially degraded RNA samples such as those found in FFPE samples.
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