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Infinium Global Screening Array-24 Kit

The Infinium Global Screening Array-24 v1.0 BeadChip combines multi-ethnic genome-wide content, curated clinical research variants, and quality control (QC) markers for precision medicine research.
The genome-wide content was selected for high imputation accuracy at minor allele frequencies of >1% across all 26 1000 Genomes Project populations. The clinical research content includes variants with established disease associations, relevant pharmacogenomics markers, and curated exonic content based on ClinVar, NHGRI, PharmGKB, and ExAC databases. Quality control content enables sample identification and tracking for large-scale genomics and screening applications.

In-Campus Chip Price : $3600.00  (contains 48 samples, price may vary for off-campus customers)
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In-Campus-Price Product
$25.00 Infinim QC Array Full Service
$25 per sample. Full service includes DNA amplification, fragmentation, hybridization, labeling, scanning and data extraction. Require minimum 1ug of genomic DNA, concentration adjusted to 50ng/ul in ddH2O or 1xTE. Minimum 48 samples per order
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