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Infinium ImmunoArray-24 v2 BeadChip Kit

The Infinium ImmunoArray-24 v2 BeadChip is the next-generation genotyping array for detecting genetic variation in the human immune system. This new content includes the majority of the loci currently published in the GWAS catalog for major autoimmune and inflammatory disorders1 as well as published ancestry informative markers.
• Over 250,000 immune specific markers
• Over 85,000 new markers
• Includes most valuable content from HumanImmuno v1 BeadChip
• Focused on 17 major autoimmune disorders

In-Campus Chip Price : $2270.40  (contains 48 samples, price may vary for off-campus customers)
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In-Campus-Price Product
$25.00 illumina SNP full service
$25 per sample. Full service includes DNA amplification, fragmentation, precipitation, suspension, hybridization, extension, staining, scanning and data extraction. Require minimum 1ug of genomic DNA, concentration adjusted to 50 ~ 100ng/ul in ddH2O or 1xTE.
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