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Infinium Multi-Ethnic Global-8 Kit

This kit combines expertly selected markers and content from the most popular Illumina commercial arrays with the most current genomic information. Researchers can detect both common and rare variants across the most commonly studied 5 major super-populations and impute variants in a vast number of subpopulations.
Consortium partners developed content for this multi-ethnic global genotyping array using tagging strategies with the power to perform more effective association studies in diverse populations. The novel algorithm selects population-specific and transethnic tag SNPs that maximize imputation accuracy, as imputation has become a standard practice in the interpretation of genotyping data and allows for more accurate statistical inference of genotypes not directly genotyped.

In-Campus Chip Price : $2094.40  (contains 16 samples, price may vary for off-campus customers)
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$25.00 illumina SNP full service
$25 per sample. Full service includes DNA amplification, fragmentation, precipitation, suspension, hybridization, extension, staining, scanning and data extraction. Require minimum 1ug of genomic DNA, concentration adjusted to 50 ~ 100ng/ul in ddH2O or 1xTE.
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