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Infinium OncoArray-500K BeadChip

The Infinium OncoArray-500K contains 500,000 SNPs with a genome-wide backbone of 250,000 tag SNPs. Additional SNPs include genetic variants associated with breast, colorectal, lung, ovarian, and prostate cancers plus SNPs covering ancestry, quantitative traits, pharmacogenetics, and fine-mapping of common cancer susceptibility loci. To support additional research requirements, the Infinium OncoArray-500K can be tailored to incorporate up to 120,000 custom beadtypes.*
The Infinium OncoArray-500K was developed in collaboration with leading experts from the OncoArray consortium†, and draws on many of the features of the successful Collaborative Oncological Gene-environment Study (iCOGS) array1. Designed with candidate SNPs identified by the consortium, the OncoArray provides a cost-effective means to assess candidate variants potentially associated with cancer risk.
The Infinium OncoArray-500K uses a 24-sample high-throughput screening (HTS) BeadChip to enable maximum throughput, productivity, and genotyping accuracy. Using the proven iScan System, the Infinium OncoArray-500K is designed to combine affordability with high-density content, providing insight into the relationship between gene variants and cancer predisposition in five of the most prevalent cancers.

In-Campus Chip Price : $3432.00  (contains 48 samples, price may vary for off-campus customers)
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$25.00 illumina SNP full service
$25 per sample. Full service includes DNA amplification, fragmentation, precipitation, suspension, hybridization, extension, staining, scanning and data extraction. Require minimum 1ug of genomic DNA, concentration adjusted to 50 ~ 100ng/ul in ddH2O or 1xTE.
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