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Invitrogen NCode Noncoding RNA Array Full Serive 2 color

Unit price per sample for two color labeling.

In-Campus Service Price : $500.00  (price may vary for off-campus customers)
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$900.00 Invitrogen NCode Noncoding RNA Array Per Slide
Unit price per slide for 2 samples (arrays). NCodeā„¢ Human and Mouse Non-coding RNA Microarrays provide first-generation high-density arrays to profile longer ncRNA (>200 bases) and to analyze mRNA simultaneously on the same array. In addition to the ncRNA content, probes targeting mRNA allow discovery of coordinated expression with associated protein-coding genes. Profile over 17,000 long (>200 bases) ncRNAs in human and over 10,000 ncRNAs in mouse, derived from published sources* <p><b><font color=red>Each chip contains 2 arrays.</b></font>
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