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P. aeruginosa Genome Array

This GeneChip probe array is a powerful tool for monitoring trascriptional regulation and antimicrobial agent response of P. aeruginosa. The array represents the annotated genome of P. aeruginosa strain PA01 and includes 5,549 protein-coding sequences, 18 tRNA genes, a representative of the ribosomal RNA cluster and 117 genes present in strains other than PA01. In addition, 199 probe sets corresponding to all intergenic regions exceeding 600 base pairs have been included. The selected probes have been screened against sequence homologies in the existing database of human genes.
Minimum 5 arrays per order!

In-Campus Chip Price : $280.00  (price may vary for off-campus customers)
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In-Campus-Price Product
$500.00 Affymetrix Array Two-round Amplification Full Service
Unit price per sample. This service start from small amount of total RNA.
$250.00 Affymetrix gene expression array full serivce from total RNA
Unit price per sample. This service includes cDNA synthesis, cDNA purification, QC of cDNA, aRNA synthesis, aRNA purification, hybridization, wash, staining, and scanning of slides.
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