Microarray Core Facility

PrimeView™ Human Gene Expression Array

Key benefits of the PrimeView™ Array:
Offers excellent gene expression specificity and reproducibility
Produces reliable results with multiple independent measurements per transcript—11 probes per set for well-annotated sequences, 9 probes per set for the remainder
Provides complete coverage of the annotated genome
Highest transcript coverage in the industry with the most recent annotation—covers all well- annotated genes and transcripts from RefSeq

In-Campus Chip Price : $150.00  (price may vary for off-campus customers)
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In-Campus-Price Product
$150.00 GeneChip® PrimeView full service
$40.00 RNA/DNA Quality Check --Bioanalyzer Chip
$40 per chip, can process up to 12 samples if samples are in the range of 50-500 ng/ul (Nano Bioanalyzer Chip). Samples below 50 ng/ul will use Pico Bioanalyzer chip which holds 11 samples”. You must also order the service to complete this order
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