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Rat Gene 2.0 ST Array

Since the design of GeneChip® Rat Gene 1.0 ST Array, there has a substantial increase in the structural and functional understanding of the Rat genome. In order to provide the research community with a tool that can measure the differential expression of this exciting class of RNA transcripts, Affymetrix designed GeneChip® Rat Gene 2.0 ST Array.
Comparing with Rat Gene 1.0 ST Array, there are the following imporovements:
Total RefSeq transcripts covered ---- 28,407 (17,061 in Rat Gene 1.0 ST Array)
NM – RefSeq coding transcript, well-established annotation ---- 16,771 (16,054 in Rat Gene 1.0 ST Array)
NR – RefSeq non-coding transcript, well-established annotation ---- 442 (293)
XM – RefSeq coding transcript, provisional annotation ---- 10,376 (642)
RefSeq (Entrez) Gene count ---- 23,586 (16,557)

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