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Single Cell-to-CT™ qRT-PCR assay

$15 per reaction. We will use the Ambion® Single Cell-to-CT™ Kit for gene expression analysis for samples containing 1–10 cells. The kit contains reagents for sample preparation, reverse transcription, pre-amplification and qPCR that have been optimized together in a single workflow. The workflow begins with sample prep, where cells are effectively and reproducibly lysed with minimal processing into a solution that is compatible with downstream RT-PCR, without the need for purification. This is followed by the use of Superscript® RT for reverse transcription, the TaqMan® PreAmp Master Mix to amplify the cDNA, and TaqMan® Gene Expression Master Mix for qPCR. All of these steps have been developed to provide maximum sensitivity. The entire cell sample is maintained in the same well throughout the procedure so there is no sample loss or dilution of the precious limited material that could affect sensitivity.

In-Campus Service Price : $15.00  (price may vary for off-campus customers)
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$15.00 Real-Time PCR(Q-PCR) Service
$15 per sample per probe. Q-PCR service starts from 1ug of total RNA, we will do the reverse transcription (RT) for cDNA, and use the diluted cDNA for real-time PCR reactions using AB 7900HT system. Each sample will be tested on triplicate wells. The data will be normalized against 18S internal control and relative quantity (RQ) will be calculated. <font color=red>Minimum 10 samples per order</font>
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