Microarray Core Facility

Taqman Assay (Probe set)

$250 per gene (probe set). Taqman assay is the more accurate Q-PCR assay for quantitative gene expression analysis. Simply provide your gene name and/or sequence, we will selected the primers and probe set for the assay. Each assay will be enough for 250 reactions.

In-Campus Service Price : $250.00  (price may vary for off-campus customers)
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In-Campus-Price Product
$15.00 Real-Time PCR(Q-PCR) Service
$15 per sample per probe. Q-PCR service starts from 1ug of total RNA, we will do the reverse transcription (RT) for cDNA, and use the diluted cDNA for real-time PCR reactions using AB 7900HT system. Each sample will be tested on triplicate wells. The data will be normalized against 18S internal control and relative quantity (RQ) will be calculated. <font color=red>Minimum 10 samples per order</font>
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