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Whole Transcriptome Library with Strand specific

Price: $300 per sample.
Sample requirement: 2.5ug high quality total RNA (bioanalyzer and Nano drop checking).
Multiple Index: up to 24 Indexes.
Whole-transcriptome analysis with total RNA sequencing (total RNA-Seq) captures a broader range of gene expression changes and enables the detection of novel transcripts in both coding and non-coding RNA species.
Ribo-Zero ribosomal RNA (rRNA) reduction chemistry efficiently removes rRNA using a hybridization/bead capture procedure that selectively binds target sequences using biotinylated capture probes. This process minimizes ribosomal contamination and optimizes the percentage of reads covering RNA species of interest.
TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Library Preparation kits provide the clearest, most complete view of the transcriptome. These kits couple proven library preparation and rRNA removal chemistries into a single, streamlined solution for robust whole-transcriptome analysis in normal and low-quality samples.
These kits are available in multiple configurations designed to fit a range of study design needs.

In-Campus Service Price : $300.00  (price may vary for off-campus customers)
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