Microarray Core Facility

GEO Illumina Data Submission

The following components should be included in the GEOarchive spreadsheet-based submission method for Illumina array deposits:

1. A Metadata worksheet containing descriptive information and protocols for the overall experiment and individual Samples.

2. A matrix worksheet containing normalized data.

3. A matrix worksheet containing non-normalized data.

4. Please bundle all components (Excel metadata file, unnormalized and processed matrix tables) together into a .zip, .rar, or .tar archive using a program like WinZip and transfer to GEO by selecting the 'GEOarchive' option on the Direct Deposit page.

Instruction to generate a data matrix worksheet:

1. Use Illumina's "GEO Data Submission Report Plug-in for Gene Expression" --- The computer in our core has this Plug-in installed.

2. In GenomStudio, open the project.

3. Invoke the Report Wizard from Analysis > Reports Wizard

4. Select Customer Report and choose "GEO Data Submission Report Plug-in for Gene Expression."