Microarray Core Facility

Sample Submission Policies and Procedures

Sample submission Procedures

  • Check our website or call us to find out the prices for chips/slides and services.
  • Order online. You need to register an account with us and login to your account to place an order.
  • Bring your samples and a gel picture showing RNA quality ( Or order our bioanalyzer service).
  • You will be notified when your order is done.

RNA Sample requirements

  • Depending on which service, Affymetrix,Illumina, spotted arrays require at least 2ug, 500ng and 1ug respectively, in RNase-free water, with concentration greater than 100ng/ul.Bioanalyzer or OD check needs about 50ng in 2ul. Extra amount is always helpful, especially when first trial is failed, although the chance is small.
  • The concentration of your total RNA must be at least 0.1 ug/ul, and cRNA concentration must be greater than 0.65 ug/ul in RNase-free water.
  • Your total RNA or cDNA must be in good quality: 260/280 =1.7, 260/230 = 1.6, RNA Integrity Number (RIN) =6.5

Storage of RNA Samples

  • The core may store your total RNA samples for up to 3 months. If you want us to keep them, please indicate so when you place your online order. Please note that we are not a long-term storage facility. If you wish to retrieve your samples, you must do so within the 3 month time limit of placing your order.
  • The core may store your cRNA/aRNA for up to one month. If you later wish to use them to do replicates of arrays or Affy B/C subtypes (using cRNA/aRNA could save most of the costs), please do so within this one month time period, or retrieve them to store in your own lab freezer.

Information Specific to Spotted Arrays

  • When you order a spotted array full service, the convention used is to label the experimental sample with Cy 5 and the control sample with Cy 3. If you wish to reverse the dyes, you must indicate this in the comment section of your online order.