Microarray Core Facility


Edward Wakeland, Ph.D
Professor and Chair
Phone: 214-648-7332
Email: Edward.Wakeland@UTSouthwestern.edu
Associate Professor
Department of Immunology and Internal Medicine
Director of Microarray Core Facility
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
6001 Forest Park Rd./ND6.504
Dallas, Texas 75390-8814
Phone: 214-645-607
Email: quan.li@utsouthwestern.edu


Indu Raman, MS.
Research Associate
Lab Manager
Phone: 214-645-6072
Email: indu.raman@UTsouthwestern.edu
Chaoying Liang
Senior Research Associate
Phone: 214-648-7329
Email: chaoying.liang@UTSouthwestern.edu
Bo Zhang, MS
Research Associate
Phone: 214-645-6072
Email: bo.zhang@utsouthwestern.edu
Shengxi (Nancy) Liu, MD., MS.
Research Scientist
Phone: 214-645-6072
Email: shengxi.liu@utsouthwestern.edu
George Adams, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Customer Service Coordinator
Phone: 214-645-6072
Email: George.Adams@utsouthwestern.edu
Tao Chen
Research Technician
Phone: 214-645-6071
Email: tao.chen@utsouthwestern.edu
Mei Yan
Research Tech
Phone: 214-645-6072
Email: Mei.Yan@UTSouthwestern.edu
Kasthuribai Viswanathan
Computational Biologist
Phone: 214-648-1429
Email: kasthuribai.viswanathan@UTSouthwestern.edu
Carlos Arana
Computational Biologist
Phone: 214-645-5996
Email: carlos.arana@UTSouthwestern.edu
Benjamin Wakeland
Database Analyst
Phone: 214-648-7329
Email: shadarlogoth99@gmail.com
Guangchun Chen, Ph.D.
Phone: 214-645-6072
Email: Guangchun.Chen@UTSouthwestern.edu
Yun Lian
Data Specialist
Phone: 214-645-6074
Email: yun.lian@utsouthwestern.edu
Jinchun Zhou, MD., PhD.
Research Scientist
Phone: 214-645-6071
Email: Jinchun.Zhou@UTsouthwestern.edu